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Thanks for taking time out of your day to indulge me last week while I was on the fence between the Tru amp and the Draconia.  It was very helpful, and you have earned a customer for life.  As a matter of fact, the following day my friend Shawn here in San Diego called me and asked me for my recommendation on building a new system for his car.  I design home theaters for a living, and although I am not quite as knowledgeable in car audio, I get calls like this all the time asking for my advice on these types of purchases.  Anyway, I was happy to whole heartedly recommend the Draconia amplifier and proceeded to tell him that he would be foolish to accept anything else in that price range. You should have received his order today. I did thank you. 
Your outstanding level of service reflects the same level of quality found in your products, and I will continue to show my appreciation by sending you more business.  Hopefully you will also be receiving my order by the end of the month when funds allow.  Just goes to show how a little time and customer service goes a long way.  Best wishes

Alex Guevara San Diego, CA

Just wanted to let you know I think the Draconia is great. It feels like the power of the Olympus but the sound is much better. I really like having crossovers for both front and rear channels. I didn't like that about the Olympus. It seemed like it was missing something. My buddy Todd said he E-mailed you so I won't go though the same info he did but so far the amp kicks butt!!!


I got my Draconia the other day and what an awesome amp. Heavy as hell, havn't opened it up but it looks awesome. I really like the look, and the mounting feet don't look half as bad as people make them out to sound without giving it a try. Very classy looking and well built. I only have it running active to my metal LPG tweets and my Vifa MG 4" mids and it sounds awesome. I got the burr brown upgrade too. It also really shows how poorly my recordings on mp3 are. And with the volume all the way up coming from my eclipse 8053 I hear no noise.


After having played around with my Gladius for about a week, I am superbly happy with it.  I currently have it connected to a set of middle of the road speakers, as my nice component set is out due to a bad mid range speaker.  This is is everything I expected and more!!  Thank you all for the fine work and craftsmanship.  I am truely impressed.
When I get my CDT component speakers reinstalled I will post a review on several of the internet forums that I visit and email a link so that you can read my review.

Thank you once again, Chris Hofeldt

Through out the course of my adventures in mobile audio I have always been a fan of ZED built amps and have owned a rather wide selection of them... Lanzars, Crunch 50c, Usacoustics, etc... I have never been disapointed in terms of performance or build quality.
Gladius reivew:
I currently am powering a set of CDT CL-62i/24 components. This is a set in CDT's lower price range, but I am very pleased with bang for the buck. Prior to the Gladius these were powered by my old trusty Orion XTR 375. This amp was always reliable and powerful. It finally died and I was in need of something new. I new ZED was building/marketing thier own amps and had been milling the idea of replacing my current amps with ZEDs. The death of the Orion was the spark I needed to take the plunge.
My Gladius has the Burr Brown upgrade and the sound is superb. The difference between the Orion and the Gladius is quite a lot. I always liked the way that the Orion sounded but this amp is much better. I am hearing things that I wasn't with the Orion. The overall clarity is quite better then with the Orion, and in fact the Gladius powers them equally as loud if one wanted as the Orion did. I am extremely pleased with this purchase, and I am glad that I have a ZED built/engineered amp back in my car. I intend to purchase a Minilith later this year to replace my current subwoofer amp, just haven't talked my wife into it yet.

Thanks Stephen, Chris from Wyoming.

When we were looking for a sub woofer amplifier we looked at the old school Orion, Hifonics and PPI then through some luck in research we came across a website about Zed Audios Steve Mantz. I read the biography and was impressed with Mr. Mantz and his accomplishments then I realized I have own numerous creations of his. I started looking around the Internet and came across many message boards with responses to and from Steve so I spent a few weeks reading everything I could find about Zed and Mr. Mantz. I have owned Hifonics series VII and Orion's THE BEAST and numerous lesser brands. I used to compete with the Hfonics and Orion systems and always did very well. When we were thinking of installing a new system in my wife's Honda Civic we decided on going with old components we had laying around but we would have to purchase a new Sub amp. I initially wanted to buy a Orion hcca 275 or even a Hifonics Zeus or even another Beast. Well we decided to check into The Deuce produced by Zed so I called and talked to Mr. Mantz himself and even had several emails return by him to help me decide this was the one we wanted. Well I ordered it and we just got it installed the Amp is huge it was much larger than I thought it would be. I had read a few people hated the looks of it and some said it was too big. I myself think it looks very classy and unique we even love the baby blue lettering. Compared to the other amps I have heard in my 16 years of car audio enjoyment I have to say this has very controlled sound and the performance per dollar is incomparable. The price we paid was far lower than it is worth. I paid 1000 dollars for the beast when I got it 9 years ago and this amp stomps it in sound for less than half of the price. I am not saying this out powered it but the sound is just amazing. I now want to purchase a Draconia to run the higher range components to enjoy the refined sound through all of our speakers. I can not shut up about how fantastic this product is or even about the experience of the Zed audio corporation. I am definitely a proud and Happy owner of a Real Zed audio Amp. I have been and will continue to promote Zed and Mr Mantz as long as They are around. As far as I am concerned you will never go wrong with a purchase from Zed audio. Thank you again Mr. Mantz hopefully we will be calling you again soon to add to our system Keep up the awesome work it is appreciated.

Dane and Jae Job

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  • Spy Cam
    Spy Cam
    20 January 2013 at 01:20 |

    Steve I want to Thank You for ALL You Have Done over the last 20+ Years!! I have been Collecting & Using your amps, X-overs, EQ's, & signal processors Since I began in 1991. I Finally gave in & purchased a NEW processor from you with the RA. I've had Epicenter's & Other bass processors over the years. And let me tell Everyone First hand The way I can Change the sound of the bass with the RA is Different than Any other. Great investment. MUST Have a Correct Tuned box for the sub or subs to get the TRUE benefit of the Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer.
    Thanks Again Steve!
    Have a Blessed 2013!!

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