Zed Audio has moved to a new location as of the 13th January, 2014 Our new address is: 2624 LAVERY COURT, SUITE 203 NEWBURY PARK CA 91320 Our new Telephone number is: (805) 499-5559
Zed Audio is committed to serving the Car Audio, Home Audio and Professional Audio industries.

We take care to provide the most professional service for our customers. Zed not only repairs and restores the products which we have manufactured but also all other brands.

Zed is aware that many of you out there have product which was manufactured in the eighties, nineties and 2000 and beyond who are unable to have your amplifier repaired by the original mother company owing to the fact that they are either out of business or will not repair these older products

This is not a problem for us to repair and/or restore your amplifiers.

Every amplifier repaired goes through a full test program on one of our Audio Precision test instruments and we are able to supply a BIRTH CERTIFICATE to you at a nominal charge (This varies by how complex the pre-amplifier and how many channels there are). This BIRTH CERTIFICATE is available in an electronic format only...we develop it in PDF format and email it to you (We are trying our best to save the trees and avoid paper).

Multiple repairs are welcome and we offer discount for these, Please remember that when shipping us your amplifier, to pack it well, and we mean well. These pesky shipping companies believe that boxes should be treated with the same consideration as a football.

Please DO NOT FORGET to include your full name and a daytime phone number or email address. This is required so that we may contact you with the final cost of the repair which includes return freight and insurance.

We do not charge anything for an estimate however to simplify matters we are now offering “flat rate” fees on car amplifiers depending on their power level.

The fees are broken down by the TOTAL power rating of the amplifier at its LOWEST rated impedance.

Class B amplifiers
35w/ch at 4 ohm $79.00

50w/ch at 4 ohm $79.00

75w/ch at 4 ohm $79.00

100w/ch at 4 ohm $89.00

125w/ch at 4 ohm $89.00

35w/ch x 4 at 4 ohm $89.00

50w/ch x 4 at 4 ohm $89.00

150w/ch at 4 ohm $115.00

175w/ch at 4 ohm $115.00

75w/ch x 4 at 4 ohm $99.00

200w/ch at 4 ohm $125.00

100w/ch x 4 at 4 ohm $125.00

250w/ch at 4 ohm $135.00

125w/ch x 4 at 4 ohm $135.00

300w/ch at 4 ohm $149.00

150w/ch x 4 at 4 ohm $149.00

350w/ch at 4 ohm $175.00

High current versions of the above are charged at the rate based on their power rating into the lowest rated impedance. Example a 25w/ch 4 ohm amplifier rated to deliver 100w/ch at 1 ohm is charged at $79.00. A 50w/ch 4 ohm amplifier rated at 300w/ch 0.5 ohm is charged at $130.00

Class D mono blocks
200-400w @ 4 ohm $125.00

200-400w @ 4 ohm with a 1 ohm rating $159.00

450-600w @ 4 ohm $169.00

450-600w @ 4 ohm with a 1 ohm rating $189.00

700-1,000w @ 4 ohm $199.00

700-1,000w @ 4 ohm with a 1 ohm rating $229.00

1,101-1,500w @ 4 ohm $249.00

1,501-2,000w @ 4 ohm $295.00

2,001-3,000w @ 4 ohm $355.00

3,001-4,000w @ 4 ohm $400.00 and up

Zed Audio reserves the right to charge a higher fee if the printed circuit card has been burnt and substantial time then must be spent on this type of repair. These cases occur because most amplifiers are grossly over fused.

In these cases where a higher fee would be charged, you have the right to refuse service but return freight must be paid by the customer

All repairs carry a 90 day warranty.

A 1 year warranty may be purchased for an extra $35.00 for amplifiers of less than 1,500w, those greater than 1,500w the warranty charge is $85.00

In the event an amplifier needs to be repaired during our extended warranty period, a copy of the original repair invoice MUST accompany the amplifier

Any repair(s) not paid within 30 days after customer is notified that repair(s) is/are complete, become the property of Zed Audio (Unless prior arrangements were made).

Return freight is for the customer’s account and we charge the same as UPS charges us.

If more than one (1) repair is sent in at a time then a discount is applied to the final invoice.

2 amplifiers 10% discount

3 amplifiers 15% discount

4 or more amplifiers 20% discount

Comments (22)

  • Stephen Mantz
    Stephen Mantz
    09 January 2012 at 01:25 |

    Dear Ben Morgan,

    Maybe you have a typo error but we do not use "120v caps" in our amplifiers

    • Ben Morgan
      Ben Morgan
      02 April 2012 at 18:31 |

      No, you misunderstood. I was agreeing with you. over biulding to a point is a good thing, but at some point you gain nothing.

      I didnt mean to imply that you use those type caps in your designs. :)

  • Justin Cole
    Justin Cole
    18 February 2012 at 19:44 |

    Soundstream Rubicon 702 blew auto high current circuit.... ref300 fault light on.. soundstream pca2000... punch 6o....prices? ?

  • John M Koehler
    John M Koehler
    31 March 2012 at 00:46 |

    On average, what is your turn around time frame on amp repairs?

  • Ben Morgan
    Ben Morgan
    02 April 2012 at 18:28 |

    No, you misunderstood. I was agreeing with you. over biulding to a point is a good thing, but at some point you gain nothing.

    I didnt mean to imply that you use those type caps in your designs. :)

  • Luis Ángel
    Luis Ángel
    18 May 2012 at 01:52 |

    zed audio is the best amp is the word is very good.

  • Armando Segoviano
    Armando Segoviano
    10 July 2012 at 02:32 |

    About how much would it be to fix a Kenwood KAC-8104D??

  • Jayke Teske
    Jayke Teske
    27 July 2013 at 03:54 |

    Looking to see how much it would be to have a clif designs cdx20a gone thru and checked. Rms at 4 ohms in 25 watts at 14 volts.

  • Mario Blake
    Mario Blake
    19 September 2013 at 03:32 |

    Have a massive audio p3000.1 one side is not working need cost on repairing thanks.

  • Mikey TheBoss Scott
    Mikey TheBoss Scott
    01 September 2014 at 20:54 |

    i have an audioplanet big bang 2400.1 beleieve fried something on speaker output could you give a rough estimate

  • Rob Cisneros
    Rob Cisneros
    30 October 2014 at 11:36 |

    I have a minotuar and have two boss phantom 12s dual voice coil
    s can I get a diagram of the proper way to hook these up to my amp

  • Rob Cisneros
    Rob Cisneros
    01 November 2014 at 20:00 |

    I have purchased a draconia and a minotuar from a pawn shop
    The draconia has a visible problem one of the coils? How much will this cost to repair? Can I
    Just order the part?

  • Gerald Gavin
    Gerald Gavin
    20 May 2015 at 07:41 |

    I have 2 autotec amps 1st one was working fine and one day just stopped working. The other one works but a wire came lose its not putting out like it did. The 2nd one is X autotec. What do you think it would cost to repair them.

  • Frederick Grant
    Frederick Grant
    21 July 2015 at 04:31 |

    Autotek 7300bts need to be refurbished, what is the charge for that , goes into protection

  • Denarius Crowder
    Denarius Crowder
    14 November 2015 at 01:52 |

    How much to repair massive audio p3000.1 burnt mosfet with slight fire damage.

  • Perales Rudy
    Perales Rudy
    16 December 2015 at 06:12 |

    Hi I have a Cadence 4 x 50@ 4ohm amp not sure if its from the 80s or 90s but it has a blown out channel how much repair, I'm told its a class A amp by the shop that checked it.thx

  • Darryl Johnson
    Darryl Johnson
    29 December 2015 at 06:57 |

    I have a adassa warlord that need repair blow chip on driver board the amp is a
    3400 watt @12v 1ohm
    5000 watt @ 14v not 100% sure what's wrong I know it dose not work what kind of cost am I look at

  • Sergio Reynaga
    Sergio Reynaga
    05 April 2016 at 17:21 |


  • Sergio Reynaga
    Sergio Reynaga
    05 April 2016 at 17:22 |


  • David Marrow
    David Marrow
    24 April 2016 at 05:38 |

    I have a rockford fosgate p3001 and the 12 volt lug terminal has been stripped out I've removed the screw and tapped to a bigger size but still no luck do you have the part to replace the enter part that ground remote and battery goes into its on the board or something to fix this problem it was over tighten

  • Michael Sanson
    Michael Sanson
    30 April 2016 at 21:24 |

    I have a Boston Acoustic GT28 that needs all outputs and possibly drivers replaced as well as troubleshooting repair, and restoration services. How can i go about an estimate? I also have a full blown schematic on this amp if that may help.

  • Scott P Jermstad
    Scott P Jermstad
    24 December 2016 at 16:55 |

    Would you have a drednought available for sale. I know it might be discontinued. Its just a try?

    I also own a minotaur I believe I purchased in late 2014. I have never use anything below 2 ohm but low imp light pops on. Would that light tell the amp to send out less power? It seems very quite.

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