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RA is a dedicated sub woofer control preamplifier. It interfaces between the signal source and the amplifier. There are four circuit blocks within RA, the low pass crossover, the sub-harmonic synthesizer, the compressor and the final gain stage.


    • Stereo input to mono output
    • 24dB per octave Linkwitz Riley Low Pass crossover.
    • Twin band Sub-Harmonic Synthesizer.
    • Variable threshold compressor "tightens up the bass" and prevents amplifier clipping.
    • Variable Phase shift.
    • Variable Low EQ constant Q at 40Hz
    • 12dB (x4) final gain stage with master volume control.
    • Internal switchmode power supply assures 100% galvanic ground isolation.
    • Tiffany RCA's with Teflon inserts are used for ultimate quality and reliability.
    • Made in the USA

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